Candidate for Judge - Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola County) - Group 41

Dean Mosley is an alumnus of Florida A & M University and a graduate of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University.  Attorney Mosley possesses over 32 years of extensive legal experience, with hundreds of trials (bench/jury) and has represented thousands of clients.  Upon graduating from law school, he served as a prosecutor in Leon County and later became the first African American prosecutor in St. Lucie County.   After years of being a prosecutor, Dean was given the opportunity to work under the legendary Jesse J. McCrary, a civil rights trailblazer and the first African American to become Florida’s Assistant State Attorney General. It was an honor and privilege for Dean to work with Jesse J. McCrary and after several years of hard work, he and Attorney McCrary formed the law firm of McCrary and Mosley in Miami, Florida. Although their firm primarily focused on civil litigation cases, Dean gained valuable experience handling various legal issues including those surrounding municipal finance transactions.

Dean Mosley has not only dedicated his life to the practice of law but also to helping his community. In particular, he felt compelled to help young ladies reach their goal of attending college.  As a dedicated coach and Chairman of the Orlando Comets AAU basketball team, Dean traveled around the United States as the Comets competed against other female teams.  His passion and commitment to helping these young ladies was evident both on and off the court.  He was not only a coach, but a mentor and counselor, helping these young ladies to obtain a better life for themselves through the pursuit of a college education.  By the end of his tenure, the Orlando Comets had successfully helped approximately 90 young women obtain collegiate basketball scholarships.  The work and achievements of these young ladies is one of Dean’s most proud accomplishments.

"Over the course of 32 years, I have represented the victims of crime as a prosecutor, as well as those accused of perpetrating a crime as a criminal defense attorney. I’ve also had the opportunity to advocate for civil plaintiffs as well as civil defendants. I believe that judges are human beings who often see legal issues through the prism of their legal experiences. It is beneficial when a judge has extensive diverse legal experiences as a result of working on both sides of legal issues. These experiences increase the likelihood that a community will have confidence that a judge’s rulings are rooted in justice and impartiality. I am both humbled and thankful for the opportunities I have been blessed to encounter over my extensive legal career.  As an attorney who has amassed 32 years of diverse legal experiences, I believe that I possess the knowledge, ability, and legal fortitude to represent my community as a Circuit Court Judge.”

Dean Mosley

Dean Mosley is a family man.  He is a doting grandfather and the proud father of four accomplished children. His eldest daughter lives in Texas and is a successful business woman.  Dean’s younger children attended various high schools in Central Florida (Boone, First Academy, Agape Christian, Timber Creek) and went on to earn basketball and football scholarships to college (Seton Hall, Temple, Toledo, James Madison). 

Dean Mosley has amassed 32 years of legal experience and knowledge.  His lengthy legal career has encompassed criminal defense, civil litigation, juvenile, business, and probate matters. After 32 years of practicing law, Dean Mosley has the drive, the dedication, and the qualifications to serve as a Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge.

On NOVEMBER 6, 2018

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