WILLIE E. GARY (Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary, PLLC) has personally endorsed Dean Mosley for Circuit Court Judge. Thank you Attorney Willie E. Gary!!

"It is with great enthusiasm that I add my endorsement to Attorney Dean Mosley for the position of 9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge. Over the years, I have come to know Dean as an extraordinary trial attorney, champion of worthy causes and humanitarian efforts and an advocate for the least of these. From Dean's early years as the first Afrian American prosecutor in St. Lucie County, to his impressive work in and out of the courtroom, he has always possessed the passion and desire to empower under-served communities. It is for these reasons and countless others that I feel Dean Mosley is highly qualified and more than capable of serving as a 9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge."  Willie E. Gary, ESQ


LORRAINE DE YOUNG, Dean Mosley's Judicial Primary Opponent, has endorsed his candidacy!! THANK YOU Lorraine De Young.

"I have had the unique experience of running for this same judicial seat as Dean Mosley.  During the primary campaign, I got to know Dean and his opponent very well and saw both of them in various circumstances.  With this knowledge of both candidates, I strongly endorse Dean Mosley for Circuit Court Judge.  Not only does Dean have the most experience, he also has by far the best temperament that is so important in a judge.  I have no doubt that when Dean takes the bench, he will be a patient, thoughtful and fair judge.  As a prior prosecutor who has practiced with Dean in the courtroom for the past 20 years, I have no doubt about his integrity or his dedication to this community.  Dean Mosley will be an exceptional addition to the bench and I am privileged to endorse him for Circuit Court Judge." Lorraine De Young


THE CENTRAL FLORIDA AFL-CIO has endorsed our judicial candidate, Dean Mosley. 

**The Central Florida AFL-CIO is an organization that represents the interests of working people and advocates for economic and social justice. Our candidate is happy to have received an endorsement from an organization that represents working people regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, and national origin.**


THE PUERTO RICAN BAR ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA, INC. has endorsed our judicial candidate, Dean Mosley, for Circuit Court Judge.

**This outstanding bar association recently opened a clinic to provide legal services to Puerto Ricans that were displaced by Hurricane Maria. Also, through the ingenious use of the Authorized Legal Practitioners Rule this association was able to employ Puerto Rican attorneys who were displaced by the same devastating hurricane. Our candidate is thankful and excited that this association chose to support his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge. THANK YOU!!**


ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE LODGE #93, has endorsed our candidate, Dean Mosley.

*Every single day the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff's Office protect and serve the citizens of Orange County despite the constant possibility of injury and/or peril. We are thankful for their service and sacrifice. Dean Mosley is grateful and honored that the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #93 evaluated his qualifications and decided to endorse and support his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge.*


ORLANDO PROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS I.A.F.F. LOCAL 1365, has endorsed our candidate, Dean Mosley.

*Initially, Dean Mosley set out to educate the public about the local courts/judiciary. While speaking to the public he met wonderful firefighters who informed him that as a group they were dying from cancer at an alarming rate. At that moment, our candidate decided to spend a lot more of his time listening to --instead of talking at-- the diverse community he seeks to serve as a Circuit Court Judge. Dean Mosley's "Listening Tour" has been a success. He has met and listened to literally THOUSANDS of passionate citizens, one-by-one, whether they were at work or at play. These citizens have expressed anger, fear, anxiety, praise, and hope/optimism towards the local judiciary. Dean Mosley continues to listen to as many diverse voices as possible as his judicial campaign progresses. He is thankful for this endorsement and also appreciative of the firefighters who took time out of their day to educate him about his community.*


The WEST ORANGE POLITICAL ALLIANCE has endorsed our candidate, Dean Mosley, for Circuit Court Judge.

*The West Orange Political Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that pursues the economic and cultural interests of West Orange county. Our candidate is very grateful to receive this endorsement.*


Our candidate, Dean Mosley, has received an endorsement from Florida Senator Randolph Bracy.

*Florida State Senator Randolf Bracy is a staunch advocate for his constituents and our candidate is thankful to have received his endorsement.*


Our candidate, Dean Mosley, has received an endorsement from Commissioner Regina Hill.

*Our candidate is grateful for Commissioner Regina Hill's endorsement and enjoyed meeting the public and assisting her with handing out over $10,000 worth of food to her community on June 9, 2018.*


The Committee to Elect Dean Mosley is excited and proud to announce that our candidate has received the following Endorsements:

John Morgan--Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

Matt Morgan--Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

Joseph Shaughnessy--Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

**It is an honor to have received endorsements from attorneys that have represented many Floridians in their time of need and continue to zealously advocate "For The People" of Florida. Thank you for your endorsements.**


"My endorsement for Dean Mosley for Circuit Court Judge for the 9th Judicial Circuit and for seat 41 is a very easy one to make, not only because he is clearly the most qualified candidate in the race, but also because I have worked with him on criminal matters, civil matters, family law matters, probate matters, guardianship matters and civil litigation involving broadcast talent contract matters since 2001. As a result, withouth hesitation, I endorse his candidacy."

Joseph Haynes Davis, Esquire

**Dean Mosley is thankful to have received this endorsement from Attorney Joseph Haynes Davis who is a well known attorney and great friend of our candidate.**


"I have tried cases with Mr. Mosley and personally witnessed his skilled and zealous representation of our joint clients.  He also has the appropriate temperament and a wealth of experience, and knowledge that will facilitate him becoming a well respected circuit judge.  I endorse Mr. Mosley's campaign for circuit judge wholeheartedly."

Hubert R. Brown, Esq., Shareholder, Brown and Brown Attorneys at Law, P.A.

**Our candidate is humbled by the words of Attorney Hubert R. Brown who has represented the injured throughout Florida for many decades. Thank you for your endorsement Attorney Hubert R. Brown.**




"This letter is written in support of electing Dean Mosley as Circuit Court Judge.

I have known Dean Mosley personally and professionally for many years, and know that he would be a great judge that the community would be proud of if elected to the bench.

I first met Dean Mosley while in college at Florida A&M University where we both majored in political science, and aspired to go to law school and become lawyers. We had many classes together and became good friends.

After becoming lawyers, we worked together on several cases, including a huge criminal case in Miami that no one expected us to win. After a five day trial and three days of jury deliberation, to everyone’s surprise we won the case. 

In addition to Dean’s many years of experience as a trial lawyer, he is a good and honest man. He is a positive role model in his community and is well liked by everyone that knows him. He treats others with dignity and respect, and would be fair to anyone appearing before him as a judge.

I urge you to vote for Dean Mosley for Circuit Court Judge."

Rodney Robinson


"Dean Mosley is a well respected attorney who has the experience, passion and temperament to serve as a judge in our community."

Attorney Alisia Adamson Profit

**Our candidate appreciates and is thankful to have received an endorsement from Attorney Alisia Adamson Profit who is not only dedicated to her legal clients but also the children of Central Florida.**


Clay Mitchell -"Dean is the perfect candidate to serve as a judge. Great temperment and highly intelligent."

Dane Jordan--"It is with great pride that I get to endorse Dean Mosley for Judge.  He is truly a man for the people and has our community in his best interests.  His track record speaks for itself and his pursuit of justice has been non-stop in both the private and public sectors."

Bret Gainsford-  "Would be a great judge!  Very fair!"

John Moore- " Mr. Mosley not only has a wealth of legal experience and knowledge, but he is dedicated to serving our community. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for judge."

Jack Cook-"Honored to endorse Dean Mosley for Judge.  He is a dedicated practitioner, and a devoted member of the Central Florida community.   His vast and expansive experience make him amply qualified to serve our county as a Circuit Court Judge."

David Spain--"Dean will be an excellent judge."

Basil Valdivia--"I have known Dean for 25 years, and he is the candidate our community needs on the bench."

Andrew Parker Felix

Vincent D’Assaro

W. Doug Martin

Mike Clelland

Ryan Rudd

Chris Steinhaus



"I have known Dean Mosley for over three decades. As a Retired Police Officer, I believe Dean Mosley will be an outstanding Circuit Court Judge.  Dean Mosley will be fair and impartial."

Theodis Springer


Mr. Mosley
"Met you at the lakefront on Tuesday at the fishing pier, it was a pleasure and we were all
impressed that you were out talking to residents in the community. We are sure with your busy schedule it's hard to put a time commitment into meeting with folks and making yourself available to answer questions. We discussed our experience with the time you took to converse with us. We wanted you to know that you have our votes during the election. Hope all goes well and keep up the good work. " 

John Muschaweck


"I am honored to publicly endorse Dean Mosley for Judge.  I have known Dean for many, many years and he has always been a man of integrity, compassion, and excellence....all traits needed in a Judge.   His many years of experience as an attorney has also prepared him well to serve in the role of Judge. I strongly encourage voters to support him on election day, as I am confident he will serve the community well."

Barbara Ham


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